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Each document of avokatim.com arrives, is registered without limit in our servers with guaranteed quality and personalized assistance you need (adjusted to your case).
Our documents have been drafted and reviewed by lawyers and legal professionals. All you must do is to reply to several questions and your document will be ready for signature, distribution or print within minutes.
After you have replied several simple questions you will be oriented to register if you are not registered or enter our server if you are registered and after you have made the respective payment, your document will be ready to received, downloaded and later printed by you. The already completed document must be signed in each page before it can be used. If you have questions please write to use in our columns such as ask lawyer, contact, our online chat or you can call us at 00355693366999.
Our obligation is to offer you a guaranteed quality with regard to our legal documents and forms. Our documents are refreshed (adjusted or updated) with the latest amendments of the legislation.
Do you know that Albania numbers roughly 160 thousand active registered businesses, 50-60 thousand located in Tirana only, where 20-30 thousand are registered for the first time annually and many of them hire employees by means of a verbal contract, a handshake, in mutual trust or either receiving a contract by their finance officer (who is not a specialist of the field, lawyer or advocate), who has borrowed this “document” somewhere gratis, not knowing whether it is compatible or not with the legal framework, updated with latest date and legal requirements, or whether it protects the employer from later issues that may arise with the employee in the future. The same situation occurs with loan contracts. Do you know that Albania numbers roughly 500 thousand objects, including objects used for housing, businesses etc and out of these, roughly 200 thousand are located in Tirana only? Every year roughly 150 thousand students arrive in Tirana. Likewise, statistics reveal that Tirana increases daily with nearly 60 inhabitants, therefore with roughly 20 thousand inhabitants annually. In a single day there circulate in Tirana nearly 200 thousand vehicles, with 70 thousand arriving from outside Tirana. Only 15% of Tirana residents own a car. Thus, the entire civil circulation in most cases remains without documenting their relation when the building, car is rented, loaned etc. There are various reasons for this, negligence, financial disability or disability to have territorial access with legal offices that provide this service. By means of our service, now it has been enabled the documentation of this relation in compliance with the law and you are more protected if your house or your shop is stolen, if you want to receive a loan and you need a document to describe your liquidity, if you need a legal document to present to tax bodies etc. Do you know that Albania numbers roughly ALL 8 billion revenue intakes in banks and equally in the black market (which as people says are kept under the blanket) and are not used. In most of these cases, Albanians give this money in the form of a loan with one another without any document that can certify this relation by acting in mutual trust. Here the problem arises and it has brought about a social consequence to our society. Now through our platform you have the opportunity to document this relation and tomorrow if you will need it you will have a very important evidence to present in court. Do you know that Tirana numbers nearly 3000 various requests daily by citizens filed to state institutions on different issues, including the launching of a new business up to construction permits. Do you know that 1 in 3 newlywed couples are divorced; therefore roughly 7000 divorces take place in Albanian courts annually out of which 2000 in Tirana only. The same situation occurs even in the entire judicial system. Do you know that within a year our criminal, civil and administrative courts in the three instances review roughly 100 thousand cases out of which some 70% of cases no lawyer is involved or a lawyer has been assigned who has failed to be efficient. That is due to various causes, low salary, low professionalism and huge work overload. Sticking to the saying rule of law and justice for all (therefore indiscriminatingly as to payment ability) we offer a very cheap and financially affordable service to anyone, accompanied with a professional solution to your problem by our academic and professional staff. In a matter of minutes your can reply to several simple questions and your will be ready to proceed with use of your personalized legal document. The motto of “avokatim.com” is “offering as much as possible at the least price”. Draft legal documents at any time and wherever you are.