Who we are?

Our office has been registered at the Bar Association and in the tax bodies with TIN number L71331012A since 2014. The idea for creating an advocacy platform was born in 2014, when a team of professionals and legal experts decided to co-operate to provide an innovative, fast-affordable, economically affordable solution to the legal problems that families and businesses may face. Today, our team of experts consists of 6 people guided by the objective to enable the law to be a support for all individuals and businesses, not a costly and often incomprehensible obstacle. Each document is continuously upgraded by our team of experts in order to update it in line with the latest legal and sub legal provisions and to respond to any request of our customers. To always guarantee the highest quality of legal services we provide, we have established a network of lawyers and professionals, each of which contributes on the basis of its knowledge and legal expertise in the relevant field. Our long-term experience of our experts, thanks to our innovative technology, is offered online economically and efficiently, guaranteeing at any moment a high level of service, reliable and secure. The question-answer box of our platform is very simple and accessible to everyone. For this reason, our online legal service benefits various clients, economists, employees, entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals.

Our Lawyers


Lawyer Fran Ndoj

40 year experience in the field of justice.


Lawyer Nertila Islami

12 year experience as lawyer.


Lawyer Kadri Skerja

40 year experience in the field of justice.


Lawyer Mevi Çaushi

5 year experience in the field of justice.


Lawyer Bledar Meminaj

7 year experience as lawyer


Lawyer Eva Sherifi

24 year experience as lawyer


Lawyer Roland Islami

15 year experience as lawyer.

Services We Offer


Family Issues


Legal Representations


Consultancy Contracts




Legal Ownership


Execution Services